Guarantee Terms and Conditions

General: By engaging with our website and becoming a user, you agree to abide by these Customer Terms and Conditions.

We understand the importance of preserving your anonymity when shipping directly to end customers in a Dropshipping model. While we primarily interact with distributors, we provide tools to enhance after-sales service and guarantees for the benefit of end customers.

RMA Management Tool: Our Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) management tool facilitates free collection from your facilities for products causing quality incidents. Additionally, we offer a Technical Support Service (TSS) in Europe for analyzing items with potential manufacturing defects.

Warranty: All products in the Murmont catalogue are backed by a 2-year warranty.

Customer Incidents:

  • Customers have 5 calendar days to report incidents through the Contact Area.

2. Receiving a Shipment: Upon receiving a shipment, please follow these steps:

  1. Confirm the number of packages.
  2. Inspect packages for external damage, and if present, note and sign as “PACKAGE VISIBLY DAMAGED.”

3. Handling Incidents: You have up to 5 calendar days from receipt to open an incident. Visit the Contact Us link in your Murmont account. Provide all required documents and information in the Logistics and After Sales channel.

4. Returning Goods with Manufacturing Defects: For defective products, Follow these steps:

  1. Create a DRAFT in the RETURNS tab of your Control Panel.
  2. Once conditions are met, click SEND to request collection.
  3. Prepare the package and affix the label generated by our system.
  4. Once received, our TSS will analyze and proceed with a replacement or refund.

7. Cases Not Eligible for Full Refund: We will not refund 100% of the product’s value in cases of clear misuse, damage, or missing parts.

8. Refund Process: Once received in our warehouses, we’ll refund the amount to your Murmont wallet. This process may take several weeks.

9. Unclaimed Orders: Unclaimed orders are returned to our warehouse, incurring two-way delivery expenses. You’ll receive a payment for the order return minus these expenses.

10. Guarantee Period: All items are guaranteed for two years from the date of delivery, except refurbished products, which have a 12-month guarantee.

11. Guarantee Exclusions: Exclusions include defects due to negligence, misuse, tampering, incorrect voltage or installation, and normal wear and tear.

12. Guarantee Void Conditions: The guarantee will be void if any detail is modified, altered, or replaced, or if the identification number or the product is tampered with without prior authorization from the Technical Service.