Our return terms and conditions have been set up to protect you and ensure you get the best service when shopping at murmont.com, Below you will find our most frequentlyasked questions about returns.

returns terms and conditions

Returns F.A.Q

To which countries can I send my orders?

Murmont is automated and ships to almost every country in
the world with express courier. However, shipments to destinations outside the
EU may have certain restrictions or special procedures for the management of
customs formalities.

What are the shipping costs and the delivery time?

You can estimate the shipping costs and delivery time in the Murmont shopping cart or view our estimate shipping page

We have selected the fasted and most affordable curriers available to ensure that your orders arrive fast and safely. This means you can choose from 3 options that best suits your needs.

These options are, with POD, without POD, and Pallet Service (POD – Proof of Delivery)

Find out more about our Shipping and delivery with this article Here.

When is the money refunded?

Once the merchandise is received in our warehouses, and after checking the status of the same, we will proceed to the refund of its amount in the Murmont wallet. Keep in mind that the refund process could take several weeks to evaluate the merchandise received.

What can I do in case of an incident? (Broken during transportation, Wrong product, Pieces missing)

At Murmont, you will have up to 3 calendar days from receipt of the merchandise to open an incident from your Murmont account through the Contact Us link. This term is much longer than the usual 24hr term offered by other providers, since we want to make it easier for you to obtain and provide all the necessary documentation. After this period, we can no longer claim transport insurance and our admin team will not allow you to open the incident.

In which cases will Murmont not refund 100% of the product's value?

- If the delivery address provided is incorrect leading to a failed delivery. 

- If the product has clear signs of misuse, unjustified damage or arrives in bad condition; 

- If the product is returned without the packaging, with damaged packaging, or with transport labels that make the packaging unusable - 50% of the product's value will be discounted.  

- If the product is returned with missing parts or accessories, or if the incident description is not real. 

 Very important: No refund will be made for products returned to Murmont that are not faulty or whose incident description is not real.  

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