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Enhance your home and kitchen at Murmont.com with the best prices
on appliances, furniture and kitchenware from brands you know and love.

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Home & Kitchen

Get that perfect Pinterest Home at Murmont and browse a range of Furniture, Kitchen Appliances and all your household cleaning electronics with the best prices from brands you know and love. Here at Murmont we take special care to detail when it comes to Smart TVs and home Electronics to give you a range of quality brands to satisfy your needs.

Fast delivery at Murmont

The preparation time for most items is 24/48hrs, however is possible for your order to be shipped on the very same day if it only includes products with immediate delivery and it has been paid before midday.

The delivery time will depend on the selected shipping company and the country of destination.

Bear in mind that indicated delivery time is approximate and refers to business days, excluding weekends and official holidays.

Which countries does Murmont deliver Smart TVs, Video & Home Cinema products to?

Murmont uses automated shipping, this means you will see updated shipping prices and shipping times on the checkout page, we deliver to almost every country in the world with express couriers, however, shipments to destinations outside the EU may have certain restrictions or special procedures for the management of customs formalities depending on your order destination.

What are the shopping costs and the delivery time?

You can estimate the shipping costs and delivery time during checkout or in your Murmont shopping cart. Find out how.

Does Murmont offer package tracking?

We certainly do offer packaging tracking, you can track any package and check the tracking number in your control panel.

What is included in the shipping charges?

The shipping charges include:

  • Suitable packaging (cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, inner protection, etc.)
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Customs clearance at origin

What is included in the shipping charges for deliveries outside the European Union?

In the case of deliveries outside the European Union, customs charges at destination or other taxes (duties) are not included. If they are applicable, the consignee will be responsible for paying them, as well as all import expenses and taxes generated at the customs of destination, whether the products are actually delivered or the consignee does not accept them. We will make every effort to deliver the orders in the shortest time possible, but you need to take into account the regulations of the country of destination for importing the ordered items as Murmont will not be held responsible for them nor the effects caused by strikes, armed conflicts or other circumstances beyond its control. Murmont will not be held responsible for customs clearance delays or if the local authorities decide to confiscate any element contained in the shipment.