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Find out how you can save at Murmont

There are different types of discounts available at murmont.com that you can use to save some extra money, in addition to codes or automatic discounts. We also have free shipping discounts, buy X get Y, and percentage and fixed amount discounts.

  • Automatic Coupons

    Murmont offers our customers discounts that apply automatically at checkout. Automatic discounts can be a percentage off your total order or fixed amount. For an automatic discount to apply correctly, you'll need to add all eligible items to your carts before you move to checkout. This includes the items that you need to buy to qualify for the discount as well as the items that you get as part of the promotion. You can have only one active automatic discount at any given time and they take precedence over discount codes, that can't be applied multiple times on a single order.

  • Coupon Codes

    Murmont offers Discount codes that can be applied during checkout, codes can be a fixed amout off on products or a percentage off your total order. You can find discount codes or coupons on our social media pages or buy subscribiing to our newsletter, All you need to do is type in the code in the discount tab during checkout. Most of our discpunt codes and coupons are only valid for a certain time so be use to use it before it expires, Some codes require a certain order value or amount of items to be added to your cart to be valid.

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