How to Select a Different Currency at Murmont

How to Select a Different Currency at Murmont

If you are needing to change the currency on Murmont you can conveniently do so on the Murmont home page or in the footer of any page, Murmont uses Geolocation to select a currency based on your location so that you don't have to pay for conversations during checkout 

by default your location is automatically selected on the home page

Change Shipping Location

To change the currency and shipping location select the Change Shipping Country under the Shop now button.

Change shipping and currency step 1

Choose your location country from the list of accepted countries

Step 2 change location

Once you have selected your location and preferred currency you will be able to view prices and checkout, the language visible on the store will also be changed to that selected location.


- customers can view prices on Murmont, pay for your orders at checkout, and receive refunds in your local currency.

- prices are converted automatically using the current market exchange rate

- customers can select their local country or region and Murmont will display their local currency.

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