New Payment Options at Murmont

New Payment Options at Murmont

New Payment Options at Murmont

We have added new payment options at! Introducing Shop Pay which allows you to choose how you want to pay based on your needs.

Shop Pay has two primary functions, a wallet for you to save payment details and speed up checkout in the future, and also a payment method allowing you to pay in full at the moment of purchase or spread it into multiple payments.

Here's how it works:

  1. Select Shop Pay Installments during checkout.
  2. Choose to make four equal installments instead of one full payment.
  3. Select a debit or credit card to pay the first payment and future installment payments.
  4. Complete a brief identity verification process to pay later. Eligibility is more about preventing fraud. They don't check credit scores.
  5. Agree to terms, authorizes the payment through Shop Pay (Affirm handles their installment processing).
  6. For security, the app will text you a 6-digit verification code to complete the process.

What Qualifies a Transaction for Shop Pay Installments?

In order to have the option for Shop Pay Installments (where you pay four equal installments instead of one lump sum) the transaction must be between $50 and $3,000 USD. This amount includes taxes, shipping, and discounts.

Returns and Customer Support with the Click of a Button

Shop Pay is primarily designed to help online shoppers. So, it's not directly connected to any store you visit. However, it recognizes the store you're currently shopping on and links you directly to online resources, FAQs, customer support links, or whatever the merchant provides. You can ask the seller a question with a quick chat, ask for a return, or view a shipping policy from the convenience of the app.

Getting started with Shop Pay


 Scan to download the Shop app

Scan QR code to download Shop app

 Or download from Google Play Store here.

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